Political Positions

TERM LIMITS - The current system is broken and inefficient.  The Founding Fathers never intended for Representatives to serve their entire professional lives in Congress.  It's time to set Term Limits for the US House 
to two terms of 4 years and the US Senate to two terms of 6 years.

IMMIGRATION - Every Illegal in this country will have a One Year window to sign up for a Citizenship Visa.  The visa candidates will be given a set period of time (5 or 10 years) to pay their taxes and present themselves as good citizens.  Those in the program will be protected from deportation.  All other Illegals will be deported.  Anyone gaming the system or committing violent felonies will also be deported.  Anyone overstaying their H2A visas will be deported.

CORPORATION TAXATION - Flat Tax system with a 15% minimum and 35% maximum based on employee wages in relation to corporate profit and upper Echelon pay.

WORKING POOR - Those individuals who make less than a "living wage" will only be required to pay taxes on their income based on an 8 hour day.  Any additional hours worked or money earned will be untaxed at the Federal level until the worker reaches the next tax bracket.

WELFARE - All Entitlement program distributions should be recorded and recipients should be required to pay back the distributions at an extra 2% per year on their taxes.  It is important that receipients have some skin in the game.

THE WALL - Those sections of the border requiring a wall should be put under military control and non-violent Jail / Prison labor should be used to build it.  Workers will have their sentences commuted on a 1 to 3 ratio.  For every year they serve, three years will be commuted from their sentences.  They will be paid Federal Minimum Wage for the term of their stay.  The money will be released over a five year period after all other court ordered payments are made on their behalf.

HEALTHCARE - The Federal Healthcare System should be run the same way that the Education System is run.  The Feds release a "base" amount that covers a minimum of items for each citizen in each state.  This money is paid directly to each state and is given to the State Insurance Fund.  The State then negotiates with healthcare vendors, employers, and individuals to work out a viable system that covers everyone.  Most states and cities already cover their employees with a State system of insurance.  This new system just expands the existing system by routing the Federal money through the State.  States that want to attract new residents can add to this program to make it more desirable than surrounding states.  In summary, State and Federal money going to Corporations to create a base system of insurance.  Individuals and Corporations can also add additional insurance to their "Base" State policy in a a-la-carte kind of way.  It's a fair way to get it done and it gets the Federal Government out of the insurance business.